Maternity Photography

Austin Maternity Photography: Pregnancy & Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy is one of the most remarkable and life changing events a woman and her family experience. Creating a new life is something that will change everyone’s life it touches and it’s important to document that from the beginning. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and having experienced it herself, Melissa makes sure her pregnancy portraits always reflect the beauty in that special time.

Experienced with a variety of different pregnancy portraits, Melissa makes a point to get to know the mother and focus on the characteristics that make her unique. Since every mother is different Melissa’s Austin maternity photography always reflects that variation. Some mothers prefer a more elegant maternity portrait while others might want something more relaxed. Either way, Melissa has been known to bring out that differentiating element while continuing to highlight that commonality between all pregnant women – they are beautiful.

We encourage you to take a look at her Austin maternity photography portfolio and contact her for more detailed information on pricing and location. She typically prefers to shoot maternity portraits when women are between 34-36 weeks. Melissa is always flexible and affordable and makes an effort to provide an experience that’s easy and effortless for you. We highly recommend reaching out to see for yourself why clients say she’s one of the best maternity photographers in Austin!