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Hi had a great time with Nicole and Matt this past weekend!  Such a sweet couple.  They own a few horses and had a vision of a photo they wanted to take so we headed over to snap a few with this cutie!!!  I absolutely love horses and this was so much fun!

Nicole and Matt, here’s one for the road.   I hope it is what you envisioned!

Austin Wedding Photographer – Melissa Vinsik


Austin Wedding Photographer

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  1. Nicole

    I absolutely love it!!!!! Thanks for the sneak peek Melissa!

  2. Lori

    Nicole…This is beautiful…Fairytale wedding, you ALL look fabulous! Very nice! Congratulations, again! 🙂

  3. Diane

    Love this Matt and Nicole…a dream come true…Nicole your were beautiful…Congrats to both of you!!

  4. Raija

    That took my breath away for a moment. Awesome!


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